Care and benefits provided for beneficiaries of temporary protection
Amount of subsidy: HUF 22,800.
Amount of subsidy for minors (instead of family allowance): HUF 13,700/capita.
Payment is conditional on the person’s fulfilment of his/her obligation to appear before the district office (i.e. ‘járási hivatal/kerületi hivatal’, hereinafter referred to as district office) every month.
A person working at a place of work in Hungary or receiving income from the Hungarian or a non Hungarian pension scheme is not entitled to the benefit.
Adults and minors over 16 years of age (if they are not attending a full-time education programme) are required to appear before the district office (the employment service) within 5 working days of receiving the cash benefit.
After 45 days from the date of receipt of the first amount of benefit, the person is not entitled to the cash benefit, if (s)he does not accept the offered job.
A person recognised as beneficiary of temporary protection is entitled to undertake a job within the territory of Hungary without a permit if (s)he undertakes employment in a position specified as a shortage occupation position. For employment in another type of position, the district office (i.e. ’járási hivatal/kerületi hivatal’) (the employment service) issues the permit under a preferential procedure.
A person recognised as beneficiary of temporary protection is entitled to the following health care services free of charge, if (s)he is not covered by social security:
• primary care
• specialised medical care or hospital care in cases of urgent need
• prenatal care, obstetric care
• public health care services – medicines
• oncology patient care and other types of care for chronic patients
• emergency dental care and orthodontic (i.e. tooth-retaining) treatments
Place of receiving care: competent health care institution with territorial responsibility.
A person in need of special treatment (e.g. an unaccompanied minor, a person of advanced age, a disabled person, a pregnant woman) is entitled to specialist medical and hospital care not only in cases of urgent need.
The asylum authority takes over the cost of translation into Hungarian of documents composed before recognition, such as birth certificates and marriage certificates, as well as documents certifying schooling, education or vocational qualifications. An application for reimbursement of translation costs is required to be submitted to the asylum authority.